How it works

To ensure that you get a clear picture of training results and the ROI of your training investments, we use a well tested and proven method developed over 20 years by Peopleway A/S in Denmark. We have adapted this method and developed it further to fit the auto industry.

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Case: Kia Rio

Kia Motors Sweden is a success story!

In just a few years Kia Motors Sweden have gained a market share of about 5 % and are aiming for more. They early realized that product knowledge is a big part of the success and will be even more important in the future. They decided to make sure that the effect was as good as possible, we did the first pilot project with the introduction of the new Kia Rio.


Training of trainers: The first step was to train the responsible managers at Kia. For two days they were introduced to the concept and together we redesigned the training day according to the idea of our concept. We ended day two with a number of knowledge targets and developing 9 knowledge questions to being able to measure the targets. We also came up with 5 attitude questions to be able to measure the attitude towards Kia Motors and the new Rio. 

Review of questions: A scientific method has been developed to construct questions. To avoid that participants were guessing the right alternative, a group of independent people examined these questions and necessary modifications were made.

The PRE – Test: All participants received an email where they found a link to the database EASE ® and our questionnaire. This test shows participants pre-knowledge and pre-attitude.

Kia Rio training: During one day the dealer representatives, both sales and service, were trained according to the developed plan. In total about 200 of their staff took part. 

The POST – Test: All participants received a second e-mail where they found a link to the database EASE ® and our questionnaire. We sent two reminders, as we always do, to those who did not respond. The questionnaire is exactly the same as the one from the PRE-Test. This test shows the participants’ newly acquired knowledge in the subject after training.

The JOB-Test: Three months later all participants received a third e-mail where they found a link to the database EASE ® and our questionnaire. The questionnaire is exactly the same as the PRE-Test and the POST-Test. This test shows whether the participants had used their newly acquired skills after training, ie. if they retained the knowledge.

The result:  The measurements show that we started the training with a knowledge base of 29,5 % and an attitude base of 3,6 (scale 1 – 5). The JOB-Test shows a knowledge gain to 52,8 %, which gives a transfer of 70,9 %, and a positive attitude increase to 4,0, which gives a transfer of 65,5 %. A very good result for Kia and the dealers. We are now also able to give feedback to the all dealers on an individual base, showing the result of each participant in detail. We can show what he/she has learnt and is using in the business and hat is not used, i.e. not learnt. We also provided a report to Kia Motors showing in which areas the training can be improved to receive an even better result next time.

The results shows what knowledge is gained, what is lost and what needs to be developed = ROI for the dealer and Kia!

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Showing what you don´t know today...

When your staff is away from the business for a training course, it will cost your business a fair amount of money. When they come back you actually will not know what he or she has learnt or not. The most common measurement that we will find is the one that you fill in after the course, the “happy sheet”. Our research shows that there is very little connection between “happy” and learning. The “happy sheet” will tell you if the food was good, if the trainer was nice, if the air was ok, and so on. It will not tell you how much that is learnt. Our method will give you the full picture of how much is learnt after the course and how much that is being used in the daily work. Not only will our method improve the quality of the actual training, it will also give you as a manager the tool to improve performance and fill the identified knowledge gaps.

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